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Inaugural Olive Harvest

This week marked another exciting first at Hamel Family Wines – our first olive harvest, and subsequently, our first batch of organic estate-grown olive oil! Over the past two years we have planted more than 250 olive trees here on the Ranch, a mix of Tuscan varietals such as Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and Coratina, to enhance the natural beauty and biodiversity here.

After one long day of hand-picking more than 2 ½ tons of olives, we happily reaped another benefit from our trees – delicious oil.  We had our olives organically cold-pressed by our friends at McEvoy Ranch in Petaluma in their state of the art Rapanelli frantoio olive mill, also known as the “Maserati of olive oil mills,” and the result was a delicious bright golden-green hued oil with aromas of crisp cut grass, cinnamon, pepper, and the fruitiness of fresh green olives.

Going forward, our exclusive olive oil will be used in the HFW kitchen by Chef Clinton, and who knows, may someday even lead to such things as olive oil tastings in addition to wine…Stay tuned…