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06/16/2015- in Badger

The film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is an HFW favorite. As those of you who have seen it will remember, a couple of kids at Ferris’ high school (and, much to her chagrin, Ferris’ younger sister’s school as well) start a campaign to “Save Ferris”. The photos below may help jog your collective memories….



With a nod to that sentiment, we are communicating with you today with a similar urgent appeal. Badger Clan Wine Club member Susanne Lyons is a long time board member and volunteer with WildCare in nearby Marin County, CA. WildCare’s mission is to advocate for wildlife for a sustainable world, and they actively pursue their mission through nature education, wildlife rehabilitation and community outreach.

Susanne sent us an email on Saturday letting us know that WildCare had taken in an unusual patient. A picture of the patient and the body of Susanne’s email follows below…..



WildCare currently has a juvenile American Badger in our hospital. She was found on the side of the road in Bolinas next to her dead mother and was barely reactive for her first three days with us. Neither had any obvious injuries on the outside. Most of our patient’s histories are a mystery and our medical staff must solve the mystery with the help of years of experience, medical tests and critical information from the person who found the animal. Were they hit by a car? Shot? Poisoned? Do they have distemper?

Intensive supportive care was given for all possibilities until she was stable enough for X-rays and lab tests. X-rays revealed no pellets but a minor pelvic fracture; lab tests were negative for distemper. Thanks to test results and critical info from the finder, all the puzzle pieces point to the pair being struck by a car. And yes, the tick under her left ear has been removed. She surprised everyone yesterday by sitting up for solid food to be handed to her with very long forceps.

Here at HFW, when a fellow badger is in need, we drop everything to help. We’ve included a link to WildCare’s webpage should you be moved to make a donation on behalf of the baby badger:

In addition, on any internet or phone purchases of HFW wine this week where the baby badger or WildCare is mentioned, we’ll donate 10% of the purchase amount to WildCare on behalf of the badger that we’ll hereby refer to going forward as Ferris….the Badger. So, help Save Ferris, and replenish your supply of HFW’s current varietals, while you’re at it…..


About WildCare

WildCare is located in downtown San Rafael, California — Marin County’s largest city — making it a truly urban wildlife hospital. Marin has grown a lot since WildCare’s inception in 1974, and as the county stretched into the wild places that surrounded it, people and wildlife found themselves calling the same place home. WildCare works to make sure all species can coexist– not just by treating sick or injured animals (over 3,000 of them a year), but also by teaching people how to live peacefully with wildlife and by advocating for better protection of wildlife and our remaining open spaces.