At Hamel Family Wines, we strive to make a limited quantity of consistently great wines, primarily from Bordeaux varietals, and, importantly, to have fun while doing so.  We value quality over quantity, enjoyment over tedium, and building for long-term lasting success over short-term quick hits.  We endeavor to produce the highest quality wines from grapes grown on our Sonoma Valley estates.  Farming our vineyards sustainably with organic and biodynamic practices, we seek to always be mindful of our role as responsible stewards of the land, grateful for our customers, respectful neighbors and appreciative employers.


A warm, virtual welcome to you from all of us here at Hamel Family Wines.  We’re pleased that you’re making time to visit our website, and hope that you’ll soon also find time to visit us in person at our Ranch in the heart of Sonoma Valley.  In the not-too-distant future (knock wood—by late spring 2014), we also invite you to visit our new winery to enjoy some of our fine wines, in and around the vineyards where the grapes were grown, and at the site where the wine will be produced.

In one sense, we certainly feel like we’ve come a long way in a short time.  On the other hand, as you see from this picture of George’s grandfather’s grocery store/post office in Worcester, Massachusetts,  perhaps the family business “gene” just skipped a generation and we were destined to return to our roots.  However we got here, we can’t think of too many cooler things than for us to go “back to the future” to build a family wine business that we are passionately, and literally, growing from the ground up.  All we need now to ensure our success is the power of the flux capacitor.

We feel fortunate to be able to pursue our wine passion, giddy that three of our children want to come along on the journey, blessed to have some extremely talented colleagues joining us in our pursuit, and privileged to be the latest stewards of a property with a rich and significant history.  And as if that’s not already as good as it gets, the property is also ideally situated for us to produce world-class wines of the varietals that we, personally, enjoy the most.

While we want you to know that we are dedicated in our mission to produce wonderful wine, we also assure you that we won’t take ourselves too seriously while we do so, and will be certain to have lots of fun along the way.  So, until you can make it by for a visit in person, we invite you to enjoy your virtual HFW tour through our website.  Be sure to come back often for the latest in HFW news and to check on our progress—and if you want to try some of the bounty of our collective effort along the way, even better.

Join us as we toast family, great wine, new and old friends (even virtual ones), and plenty of fun—Cheers!

Pam and George