Hamel Roadshow

As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we’re taking our wine, expertise, and hospitality on the road, and we’d love to raise a glass with you!

Vicki Tomiser

Certified Sommelier, CSW
Private Client Ambassador

We are delighted to introduce you to Vicki Tomiser, Hamel’s Private Client Ambassador and certified sommelier. Vicki has an expert palate and a passion for sharing wine with others. She is dedicated to hosting exceptional one-of-a-kind experiences for our members — from the casual enthusiast to the most astute collector. 

If you have a group of aficionado friends you’d like to introduce to Hamel, Vicki has an exciting lineup of exclusive wines she’s ready to share with you. She promises an entertaining and educational event — exploring Hamel’s biodynamic farming and classical terroir-driven winemaking – whether it’s an academic sit-down tasting in your home, alfresco wine reception at your country club, or lavish wine pairing dinner at your favorite restaurant.

We invite you to complete the request form below, and Vicki will do her best to bring Hamel’s finest expression of California terroir to your hometown. If you have any specific questions, you are welcome to contact Vicki directly.

Yes, I would love to introduce Hamel to my local community of wine lovers.