2016 Collectors’ Series 3-Pack OWC

After a warm winter, the 2016 growing season started with an early bud break in a similar pattern to the three preceding years. The amount of rainfall in the winter and spring, however, was well above what came down in recent years. Between November 2015 and April 2016, we received an annual rainfall amount of thirty inches. This led to a vigorous spring and summer in the vineyards. After experiencing several heat waves early in the summer, the head during the month of August and the first half of September was more moderate, allowing for even and extended berry maturity and ripening. Heat in the latter half of September propelled a concentrated and intense harvest period with the majority of our grapes coming in within a three-week span. The 2016 wines are very reflective of the conditions in which they were grown – balanced, poised and ripe.

One of each 750ml bottles of 2016 Pamelita Reserve, Nuns Canyon Vineyard and Hamel Family Ranch presented in original wood case (OWC).