table set with white linens and dozens of wine glasses, overlooking Hamel Family Vineyards

2023 Member Events

Welcome to our private member event calendar, where you can discover the very best of our winery’s member-exclusive experiences. As a Hamel member, you are invited to join us for our new series, Access Events, which includes two exciting new recurring experiences: Friday Evening Soirèes and Sunday Wine Explorations. We invite you to review the FAQs at the bottom of this calendar for more details on the addition of these new event series.

In addition to these event series, the membership-included allocation of Access Event seats can be applied to our twice-annual Membership Pick-Up Parties. Additional seats above your membership allocation level can typically be purchased for $75 depending on event capacity. Please reach out to [email protected] for more information on this.

Please use the links in the calendar below to reserve your seats at these events. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] or call us at 707-996-5800. Reservations for each month’s events will open on the first day of the preceding month. Seats for Lighting of the Vines in December will be made available for purchase at a later date. We look forward to seeing you at the winery!



4/7: Friday Evening Soirèe – Club Preview Tasting with Hamel Winemakers

4/16: Sunday Wine Exploration – Volcanic Terroir Tasting with Master of Wine Geoff Labitzke

4/29: Spring Club Shipment Pickup Party


5/11: Spring Club Shipment Virtual Unboxing

5/12: Friday Evening Soirèe – Mother’s Day Weekend Kick-Off


June event reservations opening on May 1st.

6/11: Sunday Wine Exploration – Nuns Canyon Vineyard Field Trip


July event reservations opening on June 1st.

7/14: Friday Evening Soirèe – Blind Tasting with Petra Polakovicova, Advanced Sommelier

7/23: Sunday Wine Exploration – Nuns Canyon Vineyard Field Trip


August event reservations opening on July 1st.

8/18: Friday Evening Soirèe – Harvest Kick-Off Celebration


September event reservations opening on August 1st.

September 10th: Sunday Wine Exploration – Proper Aging of Wine with Master of Wine Geoff Labitzke

September 29th: Wine Club Shipment Virtual Preview

Contact [email protected] or call 707.996.5800 to reserve your seats


October event reservations opening on September 1st.

10/13: Friday Evening Soirèe – Holiday Pairing with Advanced Sommelier Petra Polakovicova

10/21: Fall Club Shipment Pickup Party


November event reservations opening on October 1st.

11/5: Sunday Wine Exploration – Barrel Tasting with Master of Wine Geoff Labitzke


12/1 – 12/4: Lighting of the Vines (Holiday Kickoff)

Ticket purchase details to be released at a later date.

FAQs on New Member-Exclusive Access Events

Does this affect my twice-annual wine shipments?

No, this change consists only of expanded club benefits.

Are there additional charges associated with the new benefits or am I losing old benefits?

No!  You will continue to be billed only for your twice-annual wine shipments unless you wish to purchase Access Event seats beyond your club level’s allocation.  Your Estate Experience tastings can be applied at a premium to their “face” value to Access Events, which include Sunday Explorations, Friday Night Soirées, and Shipment Pick-Up parties. 

Sancoucie members receive 12 membership-included Access Event seats
Or benefits can continue to be applied for 8 Estate Experience seats

Mysterio members receive 8 membership-included Access Event seats
Or benefits can continue to be applied for 6 Estate Experience seats

Rosebud members receive 4 membership-included Access Event seats
Or benefits can continue to be applied for 2 Estate Experience seats

Does this mean Badger Hour is going away?

Not quite. Our Friday Night Soirées will retain the relaxed, convivial setting of Badger Hours. But they will now feature thoughtfully identified and artfully executed themes in a reception format – and they will all, of course, revolve around tasting and enjoying wine!

This all sounds kind of advanced/intimidating/wine geeky to me. Is this right for me?

We’re convinced these events, including the Sunday Wine Explorations, will offer a wonderful evening or day out to the casual and advance wine collector alike. You really can’t miss when wine is being poured!

Can I still just use my membership for complimentary Estate tastings?

Yes. However, we do hope you’ll see what these Access Events have to offer, because we’re convinced they’ll make your membership that much more enriching.

Can my access tickets be used for Lighting of the Vines?

No, Lighting of the Vines will continue to be a separately ticketed club-exclusive event with tickets for purchase.

I don’t live near wine country and these events may not be timed with my next visit.  Does that mean I’m just out of luck?

While we hope you do manage to get out to the winery to enjoy these events with us and your fellow club members, we appreciate doing so is not always an option.  We greatly appreciate our non-Northern Californian-based club members and are endeavoring to put together virtual events for them this year, as well as several club member local events in several cities.  Keep your eye out for announcements around this soon!

Are these tickets transferrable or giftable?

Yes.  We do, of course, request that the club member notify us of the transfer and the attendees names beforehand.