Our Vineyards

Hamel Family Ranch Vineyard

Hamel Family Ranch’s 30-acre vineyard is situated at the toe of the Mayacamas Mountains on the eastern side of Sonoma Valley. Rooted in the rich, volcanic soils (consisting of Red Hill, Gould, and Tuscan Cobbly clay loam), the 15-year-old vineyard is planted to Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Grenache, and Petite Sirah.

Because the vineyard is located directly across the valley from Sonoma Mountain, the mountain plays a significant role in shaping the unique climatic attributes of the site. Sonoma Mountain eclipses the west-traversing coastal fog that comes like clockwork every evening during the growing season, diverting the fog to the northern and southern parts of Sonoma Valley. Our vineyards fall in the umbra or fog shadow cast by the mountain, resulting in extra afternoon sunlight and warmer temperatures that enhance grape flavor ripening throughout the growing season. The gentle slope on the eastern side of the valley gives our vineyards the ideal exposure to soak up this extended afternoon sunlight as the sun sets in the northwest in the summer months over the northern shoulder of Sonoma Mountain.

Tres Palmas Vineyard

Hamel Family Wines’ Tres Palmas Vineyard is located 7 miles northwest of Hamel Family Ranch in Sonoma Valley. Sonoma Valley is typically cooled from north to south, so this 6-acre Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Syrah vineyard experiences a cooler climate throughout the growing season than Hamel Family Ranch. The southerly afternoon winds sweep down valley, allowing the grapes to retain their natural acidity. Located on a gentle slope on the foothill of Sugarloaf Ridge, the site’s soil consists predominately of well-drained, dark clay loam.

To enhance the soil health and allow the pure expression of the site to shine through in the wines, our vineyards are farmed sustainably, using organic and biodynamic agronomic methods.